Lunch, Dinner or Dessert in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We're baking the taste of Europe on the city streets of Charlotte, NC (USA) with locally sourced ingredients!


Sweet/dessert strudels tend to draw the most attention in the United States, so our bakery and delivery services are always producing them for the Charlotte, NC area. Savory strudels tend to be the most popular in central Europe, so we also keep them on our bakery menu for those seeking authentic variety. The oldest strudel recipes date back to 1696 and are located in a handwritten cookbook at the Vienna City Library. Strudel is popular in Austria and in many European countries that once belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire (1867–1918).

Although our name (in English) is “Strudel Dough” and the majority of our cuisine is Austrian, we also offer a limited range of Bavarian and Hungarian options through our pickup, delivery and scheduled mobile food truck services. These cuisines are often inter-connected (through Germanic-culture) and we have ramped up our production over the years to include pretzels, schnitzels, spätzle, knödeln, gulasch, braten and other central-European staples. Visit our food truck for pretzels and schnitzels or see our bulk/bakery page for details of how to purchase our other fine products.


Strudelteig Food Truck Bakery
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

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