A full-service, local catering, bakery & food truck company inspired by Austrian culture.

Strudelteig is our family business, which began with the dreams of a well-traveled American and his Austrian wife who settled in Charlotte, North Carolina during the spring of 2014. These dreams became a reality in late 2017, when the decision was taken to infuse a husband's ambitions of owning his own food service with his wife's daily quest to re-create traditional Austrian foods, using local ingredients. Although the main focus of the company is on Austrian cuisine, you may find that our daily menu also explores Hungarian, Bohemian, Bavarian, French & British cooking styles, which represent our travels in life (and the foods we grew to love along the way).


Authenticity is our main goal in everything we put on our menu and while we may be using European recipes; we have learned that the best quality comes from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients. Our expectations must exceed those of our patrons and there can be no compromise when seeking to produce a quality finished product. For more information, please come and have a chat with us at the truck. It'd be our pleasure to speak with you!


'Teig' means 'dough'!

Creating and baking artisan doughs with glorious fillings is what we do. Join us for lunch, dinner or dessert and experience old-world, European-style comfort food at your favorite local events or at locations we frequent in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. See you out there!


Every recipe begins with locally sourced, North Carolina organic flours and grains.

We have acquired partnerships with local mills in central North Carolina to supply us with nearly all of the grains we use. 100% local, organic and fresh milled - sprouted wheat, fine ground wheat, light rye flour, cornmeal and oat grains. These ingredients are at the heart of everything we put on our menu. Fresh-milled and organic means superior taste.


In addition to quality grains, we also make every effort to source the majority of our meats, vegetables and fruits from local, reputable suppliers. As a result, many of our ingredients are seasonal and you will notice our daily menu changes often. If you like something and we aren't serving it anymore, don't worry. It'll be back on the menu again soon, we promise!


Strudelteig Food Truck Bakery
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Tel: (980) 202-7970
Email: inquiries@strudelteig.com